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The THALAGAL is a new compensation float (closed cell copolymer with 0.2 density), it allows giving the whole underwater equipment a neutral trim in the water thus greatly increasing its handling and, as consequence, the quality of filming. The THALAGAL is available in 4 versions, each one is made up of 7 pieces and 2 O-rings; It is supplied as a rough finish and can easily painted with synthetic spray cans of any color. By removing one or more plates it is possible to adjust in the water the balancing of our equipment from neutral to more or less negative. Operating depth: 80 meters.

Galleggiante di compensazione THALAGAL.
THALAGAL smontato.
Price List

THALAGAL N°01 (length 85 mm, thickness 25 mm)
for illuminating head with 1.6 kg weight in air / 0.6 kg in water.

THALAGAL N°02 (length 103 mm, thickness 25 mm)
for illuminating head with 2.3 kg weight in air / 0.75 kg in water.

THALAGAL N°03 (length 155 mm, thickness 25 mm)
for illuminating head with 3.2 kg weight in air / 1.1 kg in water.

THALAGAL N°04 (length 226 mm, thickness 25 mm)
for illuminating head with 4.2 kg weight in air / 1.6 kg in water.

On request: customerized size of the plates for t25 mm thickness (compensation rate of 200 g in water for each square decimeter).

In order to evaluate how much THALAGAL has to be used to gets neutral our equipment it is suggested to use a steelyard with the plate immerged in soft water or in seawater. The measured weight has to be divided by 200 so to obtain the square decimeter quantity of THALAGAL to be ordered.


Weight in water = 1000 g : 200 = 5 sq. dm = 20 x 25 cm plate or 10 x 50 cm plate etc..

Weight in water = 2400 g : 200 = 12 sq. dm = nr. 1 30 x 40 cm plate or N°02 30 x 20 cm plates etc..

Weight in water = 4000 g : 200 = 20 sq. dm = nr. 1 40 x 50 cm plate or N°02 40 x 25 cm plates or N°04 20 x 25 cm plates etc..

N.B. THALAGAL can be easily stuck by bi-component epoxy glue.
In order to avoid waste, it is necessary to evaluate the real size of THALAGAL to be used, it is suggested to perform some tests in a bath by means of some polystyrene momentary fixed by some adhesive tape. It is also suggested to separately balance each device of the equipment. Then place the THALAGAL plates so to obtain the maximum firmness avoiding unbalancing and disposition to the equipment upsetting.

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THALAGAL for THALAMON is fastened to monitor by means of a M8 stainless steel screw so to gets the last one neutral in water. THALAGAL for THALACETOR is fastened to monitor by means of two velcro strips so to gets the last one neutral in water.

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